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 Company Profile  
Shanghai Lingchu Environmental Instrument Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of environmental equipments and scientific instruments. Our products are widely used in bio-fermentation, the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, water and sewage treatment, the clinical laboratory , scientific research, etc.

Shanghai Lingchu has assembled a group of vigorous young talents. These professionals have years of experience in selling major equipment which needs to be explained to the customers. Proven competence with regards to technical after sales service & support is one of Shanghai Lingchu ' significant advantages over its competitors.

Depending on the excellent professional team, the well prestige, the high efficient working and the innovation business idea, we offer our customers with high quality service and win the trust of customers.
 Business Scope

Water quality analysis: pH / ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen,residual chlorine , turbidity, suspended solids, CODcr, BOD, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen,total organic carbon (TOC), toxicity,etc.

Scientific instruments: Smart fluorescent cell analyzer、Cell Counter、Centrifuge、Evaporator、Freezers、Homogenizer、Incubator、Mixer 、 Oven 、 Osmometer、Spectrophotometer、Sterilizer、Ultrasonics Processors、Ultrasonic baths、Slide dispenser、Flame Photometer、Hybridization Oven、Magnetic stirrer、Water bath、Dry Bath、Shaker、Ultrasonic cleaners 、UV cabinets、 Pipettor etc.

Flow Level: electromagnetic flowmeters, ultrasonic flowmeter, non-filled pipes flowmeter, channel flow meter, portable flowmeters, ultrasonic level, etc. .....

Other:Data Acquisition

Shanghai Lingchu Environmental instrument Co.,Ltd.
Room 818-819
Mini Residence A
Zhenbei Road 2500
Environmental Instruments e-Mail:luonq@126.com
Scientific Instrumets e-Mail:wzd1220@163.com
Service e-Mail:sales@sleic.com.cn

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